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  • Ariela Liberman

We Are Advocates of Self-Care

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Our goal with Resolve Wellness is to serve three areas necessary for a balanced lifestyle: the mind, body, and spirit. We strive to go further and beyond massage therapy by providing a multitude of holistic services that allow our members to focus on self-care.

How are we doing that you might ask? Erynne Hill, Director of Massage and Wellness, as well as our marketing team, discuss the story behind Resolve, our mission, and how we are going to best serve you through our services.


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Resolve Wellness is not a spa; we are a massage therapy and wellness center for all of your holistic healing needs. Whether you are dealing with chronic pain, an acute injury, or mental stressors, we are here to restore your body to optimal condition. Our massage therapists create custom treatment plans based on your body's needs to help you thrive, not just survive, in today's busy world.


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