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Redefining Self-Care

in Healthcare

→ Deep Tissue

→ Injury / Rehabilitative

→ Lymphatic Drainage

→ Strain - Counterstrain

→ Craniosacral Therapy

→ Sports

→ Prenatal

→ Swedish

Each session begins with a skilled assessment in order to address your body's needs. From there, your therapist can utilize techniques from the common massage types below to personalize your experience and help you feel your best.

Deep Tissue

Relieve chronic tension & stiffness.

Injury / Rehabilitative

Enhance your recovery process.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Reduce any swelling & detoxify.

Strain - Counterstrain

Address muscle spasms & joint issues.

Craniosacral Therapy

Eases migraines, TMJ, & stress.

Sports Massage

Prevent injuries or enhance recovery.

Prenatal Massage

Alleviate pregnancy pains.

Swedish Massage

Gentle tension release & relaxation.

Our Modalities

Personalize Your Massage

Self-Care at Its Finest

What We Do. How We Do It.

Our membership offers you a discounted rate for investing in yourself and committing to regular monthly or bi-monthly massage sessions. Given the ever-increasing demands on our busy lives, regular therapeutic massage and bodywork are key to maintaining health and wellness. Help your body and mind relax and recharge so you can face each day with renewed energy.​

Resolve Wellness

We Are Not a Spa

Resolve Wellness™ is different from other massage therapy and wellness centers because we work in conjunction with our physical rehabilitation staff and fitness coaches here in our clinics to offer the most comprehensive approach to wellness in San Diego. The same principles of Applied Functional Science® that differentiate Rehab United's physical therapists from a "traditional" approach are used to guide our massage therapists in creating individualized massage sessions that address your body’s needs. Whether you are seeking treatment to alleviate chronic pain, recover from an acute injury, or manage stress and fatigue, our practitioners have a breadth of knowledge in body mechanics, functional kinesiology, and tissue healing to help get your body feeling its best, because self-care is healthcare.


At Resolve Wellness, we strive to help people find balance between three core dimensions of overall wellness: the mind, body, and spirit. Through our Mindfulness services, we aim to provide you with the tools, methods, and a safe environment to become more in tune with your thoughts and emotions, reduce your stress, and find peace of mind for a much more balanced, healthier lifestyle.

Resolve Wellness

We Are Not a Spa

Resolve Wellness is different from other massage therapy and wellness centers; our massage therapists utilize the principles of Applied Functional Science to guide them in creating individualized sessions that address your body’s needs. 



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