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The Healing Benefits of Sound Bath Meditation

Updated: Feb 8

If you're looking for a unique way to relax and de-stress, you might want to try sound bath meditation. This type of meditation involves immersing yourself in sound vibrations to promote relaxation and well-being. Sound bath meditation is becoming increasingly popular, with many people reporting positive effects on their mental and physical health.

crystal singing bowls

What is Sound Bath Meditation?

Sound bath meditation is a practice of being in tune with the present moment and focusing your attention, much like the process of meditating, except there are sounds and vibrations involved. Instruments such as singing bowls, chimes, and tuning forks are used to induce a meditative state, quieting the mind and relaxing the body.

How Does Sound Bath Meditation Work?

The theory behind sound bath meditation is that sound waves can have a therapeutic effect on the body and mind. Certain sounds spark our body’s natural recovery systems, regulate our body’s processes, and get us to a state that gives us all the benefits that meditation normally would — better sleep, mood, focus, clarity, and energy.

What are the Benefits of Sound Bath Meditation?

While sound bath meditation is a relatively new practice, there is some research to support its potential benefits, as well as the benefits of meditation and sound therapy. Here are some of the ways that sound bath meditation may benefit your health and well-being:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety: A study published in the Public Library of Science found that sound therapy can be effective in reducing physical and mental symptoms of anxiety. Not only that, but another study found that meditation is successful in lowering the physiological effects of stress, including cortisol levels and blood pressure.

  • Enhances mood: A study published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Complimentary Alternative Medicine found that singing bowls can help to enhance mood, tension, and well-being. The participants who were involved in sound bath meditations had significant improvements in their relaxation and mood.

  • Improves sleep: Stress and anxiety are contributing factors to poor sleep. Sound baths can reduce stress and anxiety while improving your mood and sense of well-being, overall, contributing to a better night's sleep.

The Sound Bath Experience

During a sound bath meditation session, you will typically lie down on a mat or towel while the practitioner plays various instruments around you. You may be asked to focus on your breath or simply to allow the sounds to wash over you.

Your facilitator may use a variety of tools to produce sonic space, which is the range that an instrument or an oral sound takes up when it's played. Generally, a collection of singing bowls are used, although tuning forks, chimes, and drums are also used. Each instrument creates frequencies which will help in the meditation process. Every person experiences sound bathing differently, it may shift you into a state of deep relaxation or an altered state of knowledge, or you may indeed find yourself falling asleep, which is completely fine. The room will generally be dimly lit to set the mood.

Once the sound bath is complete, the instructor will encourage you to slowly move your body to sit up. A closing statement will be made, and that will conclude the sound bath.

It’s important to drink plenty of water and to stay relaxed. Some have mentioned that they feel as if they are in a dream-like state for a day or two, while others claim to experience profound mental clarity.

During a sound bath, the body may experience numerous shifts including heightened mindfulness, clearer intuition, and increased energy.

Interested in Sound Bath Meditation?

Resolve Wellness hosts regular sound bath meditations in San Diego, facilitated by Kathy Wolff, a reiki master teacher and certified massage therapist. Click the button below to view our upcoming classes!


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Katherine (Kathy) Wolff, CMT, is a massage therapist who specializes in a wide variety of techniques, some of which include deep tissue massage, prenatal massage, cupping, and craniosacral therapy. Her passion resides in the healing process, an important aspect being the mind/body connection which led her to become a reiki master teacher.


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